Small businesses have unique challenges that we can tackle

Every business has different needs. We have software support services that can cater to your specific needs.

Our Software Support Services

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Part-time Support

We can provide part-time software support services: think ten hours a week, less, or more. We scale to fit your needs. We can build new features, enhance existing ones, improve performance, fix bugs, and more at the pace you need.

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Website Development

We can build fast, efficient websites for your business. Whether it is to automate a workflow or to market your business, we can build what you need.

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General Consulting

If you are not sure what you need, what you have, or what you can have with regards to software, we can help demystify software and help you determine what is best for your business.

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Upgrades & Maintenance

Every application needs routine maintenance. We can do critical software maintenance projects such as Ruby on Rails upgrades, database version upgrades, and other upgrades needed for your application to stay up to date and secure.

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Cloud Migrations & AWS Support

We can migrate your application to AWS and have it use optimized AWS services. If it's already on AWS, we can help audit your setup to reduce cost or increase performance and scalability.

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Service Integration

We can help integrate third-party services, such as Stripe or Twilio, that you want to leverage into your custom application.

Outcomes our clients have experienced

  • Reduction in cloud bill
  • Increased application performance and stability
  • Automation of tedious manual workflows

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Case Studies & OSS

See examples of our expertise and what we can do to help you.

Open Source Contributions

Terraform Static Site Setup

Terraform script to configure S3 and Cloudfront for static website hosting. Our website uses this tool.


CI Service Configuration Examples

Repository to demonstrate differences between common CI platforms and to store common boilerplate config.


Terraform Plausible Cloudfront Setup

Terraform for setting up Plausible (our analytics provider) proxy through Cloudfront.


Our Preferred Tooling

Picking the right tools for the job is critical for any type of project. The software tools you choose may haunt you for years or be something you appreciate and rely on for years to come. Confidence in your tooling is crucial when starting something that you intend to survive the test of time.

Web Development


Niedziela Solutions, LLC is proud to share our list of recommendations. Every situation is unique but this list is our standard, go-to technology choices for most problems.