Wix Advanced Development Support

Website builders can allow a non-technical person to do most of the work, but sometimes advanced support is needed.

The Asks

Claudia Zie was looking to further customize the website for her short film, Dr. Wunderkind. She had built the site using Wix but there were two things she wanted that required using the Wix developer mode and thus someone with more website development experience to help see it through.

The first was adding a ‘Read More’ to the bios of the ‘The Players’ as there was a great deal of copy. The idea was that by clicking on this button, the additional text would fade into place. People could read more if they wanted to, but they would only see a snippet by default.

The second was that on website landing, she wanted it so the user would be asked to input a ‘secret’ code to continue. This wasn’t intended to be a security feature, just an interactive element. It wasn’t a concern if someone could bypass it or inspect the code to get past it.

The Resolution

The ‘Read More’ button was implemented by having the additional text be hidden and showing it on button click. We also played with using lightboxes to make the read more pop-up the additional content rather than fade it onto the page, but the fade was preferred so that is what is being used in the final design of the website.

The website landing secret code prompt was more involved. It required using a Wix lightbox to show on page load, handling the submit click event, comparing the input value to the correct code value, showing an error if an incorrect code was entered, and closing the lightbox if it was correct. Although it was more involved, it was still pretty straight forward due to the transparency of the Wix documentation and the inherent power of the Wix lightbox.

The Outcome

The website for Dr. Wunderkind is launched now with both requests in place! It’s great to see everything come together to make a slick website to promote this short film.

This type of work was very enjoyable and fulfilling to do, even though it wasn’t ‘complicated’ or flashy from a technical standpoint. It was so because it was helping an artist flesh out their small website for their project. The work may be ‘small’ relatively speaking, but the impact is big.

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